by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tales and Tidings #3: Hopeful creators”

Part of the TTT series. Written on August 13, 2019.

tags: #tiding, #positivity, #thirdpov


TTT #3

Two creators, both close friends with each other, are taking a stroll in a park. They're having a nice conversation among themselves when one of them stops, and so does the other.


The other asks, "What's wrong?"


".... .. ..... .. ," their friend mutters to themself, "Well. I really haven't been feeling good lately. I used to watch the news, but I've had to less. Every seldom so I turn on them, and they're only ever about all the bad things happening."


"Oh, those people. They are terrible, yeah."


"I just... I can't find hope nowadays, either. I find myself creating less and less. Enjoying my work less. How can I possibly enjoy or do anything else when all I can see happening is a bleak future?"


The creator's friend stares off into the sky for a second, pondering to themself. They look back to their depressed friend, and in an effort to lift their spirits, replies: "Well. Things are quite terrible now, you're right. But do you know how I keep going each day?"


They look into their friend's eyes, "How?"


"There are still, and will always be, some good things around. Because of people like us that care, and people like us who do something every day to contribute to society. Even in something that seems just a part of life, like our craft."


The friend smiles, "And you said a long time ago that your reason for creating was to make other people happy. It's because of people like you and me that other people who feel bad about this situation, or any other, can keep going. And I know for a fact that there are many other people like us who care and do something."


"...that's how I find hope. Because of those people that are like us."


The other one looks amazed. They practically tear up and hug their friend.


"Oh, my gosh, that's exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you. Thanks so much," they blubber, squeezing them tightly. 


"No prob. I needed a nice train of thought like that, too," whispers the other creator, hugging them back.