by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tales and Tidings #4: Vampire friend”

Part of the TTT series. Written on October 13, 2019.

tags: #tale, #secondpov,  #blood, #vampire, #deaf


TTT #4

A pair of webbed hands synchronizes: "Do you remember?"


"Do you remember," it repeats.


You sign, "Remember what?" to the small bat in your lap. You're not quite sure how--


--oh. Your neck feels warm, and as you reach it with your fingers, you realize there's some blood on your fingers - it had just been beginning to clot. You look back down.


The bat scrunches up its face with the thumbs of its winged arms, seeming guilty and apologetic. You don't know how it's signing to you with its wings, and you don't know how you can make the sentences out - is it really a bat?


"I'm so sorry," it looks up at you with the most soulful of puppy eyes. "I didn't control myself. It'd been far too long. I took just enough blood to return to my former self - much kinder than the wild apparition I once was - but I took too much from you."


"A vampire?" The sign for vampire lands on your neck, and it's bruised, you realize pretty quickly after wincing slightly. Gotta remember to not touch that wound.


"You must've temporarily lost some of your memories. Or maybe you're confused. Either way, I was waiting for you to wake up. I'll get you some food and water, stay here." It transforms into a human, one sporting a very fashionable, comfy winter coat. Unfortunately, you're unable to appreciate the nuances of their appearance, because they suddenly weigh way more on your lap and your legs are screaming.


They get up quickly, apologizing again, and it takes less than a minute for them to bring back a bowl of rice and a cup of water, which you gratefully ingest.


"So, I still don't remember. Is this my house? Who are you?"


The vampire nods, their deep blue eyes meeting yours, which should unsettle you, but it doesn't for some reason. "Well, this is your humble abode, and I am - or was," their expression changes slightly, "- your friend. We just met a few days ago, actually."


"Ah," you ponder to yourself. You think you're beginning to recall. "You were friendly during the day, but not as friendly as you are now. You bit me just a moment ago, when the sun went down."


"Right," they nod again. "I think you just need some sleep, being newly turned. I'm so sorry. I wasn't a good friend before - can we be better friends?"


"Yeah, let's be friends," you agree as they lift you up from the seat, moving you to your bed, and tucking you in.


You trust your new vampire friend, almost as much as they seem to trust you. You hold that trust to your heart warmly as you fall into an easy, dreamless sleep, holding their cool hand.