by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tales and Tidings #5: Ghost ferret”

Part of the TTT series. Written on October 14, 2019.

tags: #tale, #secondpov, #ghost, #witch, #ferret, #death


TTT #5

Your form - it feels off, weird, like you're not fully there.


You attempt holding up your arm, and it's a color you've never seen before. Especially not with your human eyes. Your hand hovers over it, trying to rest upon it, and you have a feeling that... it feels right? It feels normal to touch your skin, but you don't have skin, do you?


The form you hold passes through a mirror, affirming two things: one, you're a ghost, and two, you just saw your body right there in that room you floated into. You're dead. You decide that you don't care how you died, and immediately warp yourself someplace else. It doesn't matter now that you're a ghost.


A ferret chitters worriedly at you as you float out of the home - it's yours, you realize. The familiar of a local witch who resided here. You try petting it, and your hand just passes through its head, but it squeaks appreciatively anyways. You love your ferret. What a good familiar. You can't bear to leave it behind, and somehow manage the strength to pick it up and launch yourselves out of there, zooming towards who knows where.


You can't crash as a ghost, but it'd be concerning if you had crashed into the ground with your dear familiar in tow. Instead of crashing, your form slows down, as if it seems to understand that the ground is approaching, and you touch down with ease. One question worms its way to the front of your mind:


How are you going to take care of your ferret? It doesn't know how to survive in the wilderness, you didn't have a backup plan for it, it's going to --


The ferret stares imploringly at you, still hanging from your ghostly hands, wiggling around midair. What, hon?


It forces itself into your hand, jarring everything in your vision, making you both drop onto the ground. Suddenly you feel much more solid yet smaller, more grounded now, and you are less concerned about your witch, and oh. OH.


You suppose it's time to live your afterlife as your familiar. You take a moment of silence to thank it - it chitters in your mind, there is no need. We are one now.


Taking in the warmth of our friendship, we find ourselves a crook in a tree to rest in. It's going to be okay.