by Scoliwings 

“A letter to our followers from other sites”

Written on August 4, 2021.

(Nameless) This site is probably fairly confusing for anyone who didn't already know us, isn't it? An personal site, hosted on a service meant primarily for webcomics, not necessarily other forms of art and blogging, but that has worked well to our needs and desires in regards to how we'd really like social media to be. We've tried several different social sites over the years -- Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spacehey, Waterfall, Deviantart, Mastodon, Snapchat, and so on. They'd perhaps work to amass ourselves a good audience to see our works, our comics and animations and literature, but they didn't make it easy to do so. I'm sure everyone has noticed -- over the past decade, social media has become actively hostile to its own users, and this is where I'd go as far as to say it's not social media at all.

This webcomic-like medium we have put our works on also technically qualifies as social media, but it is so far detached from how people might see modern social media. It is so much friendlier to us and our mental health than anything else we have tried. I'm aware it isn't necessarily as accessible, but we don't want to be a product of corporations anymore -- this way, by having our own personal site, we can control everything that people see here. No ads, no other content except our own and whatever we want to put here.

(Erie) ...augh, that being said, we really need to actually update our portfolio site over at Weebly's image description feature doesn't even work! And our commissions, too, there's so much old art. And what do we do about suddenly being plural in other people's eyes????

(Nameless) Admittedly that's new to me too, for different reasons. I don't think I'd be the best person to introduce all of us, but I can at least say how that happened about us discovering that we're a plural system. We'd had some plural friends for a few years, but it didn't occur to us that we might have been plural because we didn't have enough information and resources on plurality or DID in general, not to mention all the stigma around it. Even now all of this stuff is still confusing to us, simply because it's not very clear-cut who is who and who has which interests, and et cetera.

(Erie) I apparently provided some clues that led up to that realization? Someone else in the system tried to go by my name for a few days, and they got such an aura of wrongness that they just couldn't use that name at all, as opposed to it simply being a name that they didn't like. And my catfolk sona appeared in some dreams.

I really want to emphasize that we did gather a fair amount of research and information, and even tried talking to each other and waiting a month before truly accepting that we were a plural system, and going on as normal, because we'd already been operating this way long before. It was a similar process comparable to when we were accepting our queerness; a big realization, but not a world-shattering one. It was just nice to finally have the resources and language to describe it all, even if we can't really be ourselves offline.

So, yeah, we're a plural system who collectively goes by the name Scoliwings and the pronouns they/them. At the moment there's about seven of us, I'm Erie and you just saw Nameless earlier (yes, that's their name), and the others are Shard, Vesta, Drake, Serrano, and Kyka. We'll get an About page on this site later for better introductions.


4th Aug 2021, 5:05 PM Glad you have found the information needed to help understand yourselves! Best of luck updating everything.