by Scoliwings 

“interpreter horror stories”

(Drake) I stumbled upon this thread about interpreter horror stories, and while ve don't have a twitter, I thought I would share our own experiences.

ve straight up didn't have interpreters for some of our high school classes and had to cope with AP classes and a rotating cast of 90% inept interpreters who couldn't keep up with the fast-paced classes

ve emailed the LEA of the school about how terrible a permanent interpreter was, but that interpreter was her friend and she said she broke down in tears after reading the email and then the (LEA) provided to lecture us for half a hour about how terrible ve were for daring to say that her friend's ASL was terrible (she only fingerspelled for long periods of time)

LEA being the person in charge of interpreters and accessibility of that school i think? but also she was our homeroom teacher. so yeah high school was hell

ve didn't get permanent interpreters for a solid couple months last semester (in college), either, and some classes just did not have interpreters at all for a couple weeks, and ve still consider that a far better experience than the above

at least if ve have to put up with temporary/contracted interpreters ve know they will be good

that particular incident with the LEA and horrible interpreter from high school traumatized us, so last semester when ve were about to give an important presentation, ve dreaded telling the one assigned perma interpreter of that class that well, ve couldn't have her interpret for our presentation because she was not good at understanding us. she went "oh it's fine i know we've been struggling with understanding each other". ve still don't think she should be an interpreter but god what a refreshing answer