by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tales and Tidings #?: Were-cat”

Part of a series. Weirdly enough, this one didn't have a number assigned to it, but I know this was written on August 9, 2019.

tags: #tale, #cryptid, #were, #secondpov, #cat


TTT #?

Do you ever walk into a general store in the dead of night?


It's not a ungodly time of the night, but it's enough to make the single employee glare at you because they have to close up and just want you to hurry up.


They peer at you as your eyes trail along the aisles, searching for whatever you need tonight.


But the employee bristles as your form unravels, still just barely in their field of sight; your hands, upon grabbing something they can't note, shrink down into paws; your pupils dilate into very narrow slits; and your ears visibly twitch, crawling up your head and turning sharper and sharper.


The last thing they see before you disappear behind the back of the store is your shoe, which is left behind as your furry foot steps out of it, too small to be contained now.


At this point they just can't ignore you, and run towards you, only to find a cat next to a pile of clothes and a recently ripped apart cereal box, nibbling on its contents. You meow at the baffled employee.


"Meow," You say.


"Did you just turn into a cat."


You lick your paw nonchalantly.


"C-can I be a cat, too?" they ask nervously, perfectly aware how this must look on the security cameras. But they're done. They're just absolutely done.


Their eyes light up when you nod at them and curl up around their leg, giving them a lick. You know all too well that their wish will be granted. And what a nice wish it was.

by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tales and Tidings #2: Grounded Nature”

Part of a series. Written on August 10, 2019.

tags: #tiding #nature #firstpov


TTT #2

A gentle breeze blows by, drifting alongside some flying insects.


I'm lying on a nice crook of a smooth rock somewhere in a field of pleasant-smelling flora. There are so many beautiful creatures living here. Jackalopes, drakes, faeries, unicorns - ah, but they are rhinos, as well - and so much more I couldn't begin to list.


Though this is a white lie. I actually love creating lists, you see. Now, let's continue -


In the distance, the purple horizon has the hills running next to it, leaping up and down to create gorgeous blue curves in the spine of the landscape. These hills are fortunately not naked, as they rise just high enough that the pink clouds form around them. Altogether, the entire scenery appears as if it had been painstakingly painted by Nature itself.


And I'm here to appreciate every brilliant detail, big and small.


Being in this space makes me feel grounded.


I'm here.


It's so nice to exist.

by Scoliwings 

“Terrific Tidings and Tales #1: Snake dreams”

Part of a series of stories we wrote a while ago. Written on August 9, 2019.

tags: #tale, #secondpov, #dream, #snake

TTT #1

A mist forms inside your room in the middle of the night. It opens up a hole in itself and beckons to you, somehow, drawing you into a tunnel that goes through your wall. Your form floats through it, just starting to wake up.


Wait. This isn't right.


This is a dream. It must be. You used to be a dreamer, once, but you haven't been able to recall a complete dream, much less parts of it, in a long time. You've read several articles and books on the subject of dreaming - you know well enough by now that your life's been relatively uneventful, and dreams just don't occur without a reason. There must have been something that happened, but right now, in the moment, you can't think about it.


It drags you upwards, out of the atmosphere. Well, no, it doesn't drag you - you're actually flying up there out of your free will. Flying is almost as casual as walking. It feels nice. You even pass by planes, helicopters, satellites that you jokingly wave to.


And then, you arrive at your destination: a scaly planet.


...hold on, is it moving?


It's a giant, darkly patterned snake that you can just barely recognize when it rears its head. Okay, then. You've dealt with snakes before. They are as mysterious and kind as the moon. They can do a lot of harm, but towards you, they are exceedingly gentle and adorable. You just can't seem to figure out why.


For some reason you can't place, you hug the snake - which means you're just lying face down on the floor trying to grasp it in your arms. From your third-person point of view, you look ridiculous and you love where this is going.


The snake turns around, enough for you to see its face in the distance, and speaks telepathically, in a smooth voice, like sand slowly falling over:


"I've waited for you. Too many times you almost came to me, but... it wouldn't have been safe here. Although finally you are here."


It must be a god. You've met these before, each one unique and very colorful and yet just as equally baffling. In all of your years of brushing up and analyzing and logicing, you still haven't figured why you meet these gods in your dreams sometimes.


You ask, "Why am I here? Why couldn't I be here sooner?"


"Only now. Only now could you possibly be here. We will meet elsewhere."




The cosmic snake leans forwards, towards you, and puts its head at eye level with you. Its eyes of ever-changing color are kind of unsettling, though gorgeous.


It looks like it's finally about to speak again




it punts you off its coiled body, and you turn into a comet, rocketing away from your planet, faster and farther, until the end,


and somehow, you hear its words in your head, just as you're beginning to wake up:


" a flower, is what a person needs. It hasn't been watered in far too long, but it needs not worry. Water will come soon."


When you wake up, you're left with an indescribably warm feeling.

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 121”


Now tracking our dreams whenever we front individually, so -- I'm Shard, and this dream is all about a traumatized woman with OCD's past. Written yesterday, on March 31, 2021.

WARNING: Abusive family

dream log 121

had a dream about being a terrified little girl who was abused by her wealthy parents, living in this vast, huge mansion. years went by and by. the flashbacks and present shift back and forth. 


i am grown up now, in a different house, trying to find something out of the drawers, but everything still has its own strange rules, like there can't be four of this, and this dress can't be what i want for the trip


i am young again, and at long last, my abusive father has died. the one everybody's idolized for so long, the one everybody else can see in all those framed pictures, but his image is empty for me, as if it's been cut out. there is a funeral, but also a party, and at this moment i choose to make my escape.


a door opens and i bolt, running as far as my tiny legs will take me. i'm sure they're after me, and i start to get exhausted. fortunately, i bump into an unfamiliar butler, one who is in training. she thinks i am also in training. i take the opportunity to join her, to don the butler attire, to hide in secret. until i get out.


my sisters find me when i finally get out. i should be older than them, but i feel tiny and scared again. they keep trying to convince me to go back. i can't. i won't.

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 111”


Two girls with crushes on each other go to a school, but are threatened by storm clouds. Written on September 4, 2020.

WARNING: There is death -- but not permanent in a sense.

dream log 111

it was in the format of a comic book. it was so beautifully illustrated, with the theme of stars and constellations overlapped over everything. the shading was very odd, yet wonderful. the main characters are these two girls - they're clearly in love with each other, but they don't know.


they go to this school. it appears to be a beautiful, rich school with details like a big fountain near the entrance, and towering residential halls with an elevator, and classrooms next to elegant staircases. they're clearly laughing and having fun with their peers for a couple pages, classroom shenanigans, but there's something mysterious about one of the main girls.


she dies on the elegant staircase, i can see blood on her chest, but no visible wounds. the other girl is stricken with grief, but she doesn't cry. stars are around her and constellations are her as she holds her friend's hand, and suddenly her friend is back. they hug and begin going back down, to leave.


a storm has hit the world. their school is no longer safe, now filled with traitors and monsters pretending to be human. they leave, and the same girl dies yet again, by the fountain, but is saved by her friend.


(by this point i know what is going on - every human being in the world has "life points." these are healing points you have a finite supply of, which you can spend on anyone you wish to return from the dead or dying.)


after hiding for a while, the girls try for a few hours to infiltrate the school, their dorms, and to get their belongings back. they pass for a while before the traitors take suspicion, and they quickly leave, but not before the girl, who has died twice, takes a notebook after noticing her friend took a pen, knowing she loves to draw and write.


they run past the fountain, the buses, the abandoned buildings in the town.


they arrive at an incredibly tall tower, which houses many apartments in it. this is where they are to live in, shielded from the storm clouds forever, which have been approaching in the background, enveloping everything.


but there's a change of plans. she, who has saved her love multiple times, now shoves her friend inside with a shapeshifting creature that will protect her.


she puts on a tough face, saying she will fight them off, and locks the door as her upset friend tries to get outside. the shapeshifter holds her back, saying this is for the best. it picks her up with a single large, clawed hand before the locks of the doors are broken and they ascend upwards very quickly, deftly avoiding the dark clouds following them.


the girl who has died and been revived multiple times - she's now home, high up on the tower. her friend is also, somehow, here. they hug, sobbing and asking the other how did she survive.


"i must've used up all of my life points on you..."

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 102”


Another of our favorite dreams - though at the time it was incredibly bittersweet because it was something we wanted  so badly and didn't have yet. Written on November 1, 2019.

WARNING: Medical setting, needles


dream log 102

holy SHIT.


i'm walking along a hallway with white walls, when i encounter the hospital, and walk into a room for surgery. i meet with a surgeon, who is kind and reassuring, though that doesn't ease my nerves. she injects an IV needle into my arm, and there's a chair there for me, alongside a TV screen that presumably will tell my stats.


then there's another person there, who's also about to go through top surgery, and we wave to each other. i see their screen and it shows which parts of them will be opened up, what'll happen before and after the surgery, etc. as the surgeon gives us both instructions


i peek into the next room and there's a man who appears to be on the ground, with no nurses around, so i wave into the hallway for anyone and someone comes to help him up


all of a sudden we're in a different room, playing dodgeball with other patients for whatever reason, and then we're back in the surgery room


i'm really incredibly nervous but i know this'll be it. finally, i'll get my boobs off. finally, i think, as i settle into my chair


and i wake up.


So, what really happened is, that dream spurred us to action. We'd been doing a lot of research on top surgery and the process, but hadn't actually yet begun to go through the initial process. We ended up going to a therapist at college for that sole purpose, got in contact with a few surgeons, got everything we needed...


...and then the pandemic hit in 2020. We saw so many other trans people have their appointments and surgery dates cancelled. We assumed ours would be, too. That... did not happen. We were overjoyed, after all that time, to finally be rid of our boobs in the same year, on May 20.


It did happen just like that dream, but only the first and last paragraphs. Other patients weren't there, and we did get tested for COVID-19 (negative!). Completely successful, good recovery, everything was stacked in our favor, despite everything we'd gone through in the same year.

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 97”


A riveting story of a rebellion! Written on September 19, 2019.


dream log 97

i... i was leading a rebellion? setting up a grand trap?


let's take it back to the beginning. i'm walking with a pack of werewolves in their human forms. we're chatting among ourselves, when i run into someone who is a leader, who looks like a kind man, but i see him corrupted inside. 


i ask him if i could throw a grand play for him, and he says sure, though he seems doubtful of my intentions.


i spend the next day setting up everything, asking people if they'd like to join me in usurping this man, they all agree to it. the theater and stage are ready. the seats to be filled. the play begins - a colorful scene glows before us, implying a quiz trivia show with all the buzzers and everything, but i cannot remain to watch. i excuse myself, making myself smaller and childish and running out of the theater.


i transform into a bald eagle and watch over the rest of the city, which lies next to a large, gorgeous river. as i get higher and higher, i can see several large dolphins swaying along to its currents, and a merfolk even appears among them.


my thoughts are interrupted as i notice a small brown bird - perhaps a robin or finch? - flying particularly close to me. it looks as if it'd crash - but no. it claws into my wing and bites down with its beak, and it actually hurts a fair bit, so i shake it off and return to the back of the theater, where there is several building foundations in place for what is to come. i settle down at the entrance again.


this time i'm carrying something important with me - i don't remember what it is, but it's a fairly large white rectangle. i try to fit it through the back of the seats, but they are far too close to the doors, to the point that i couldn't even squeeze my body through, so i turn into a mouse and carefully pull the object through the back seat. it is a success, and when it is in its place, i skitter back to the front entrance, where there is a booth selling cutesy stuff. i transform back into a human and coo over a set of tea cups and plates, when an old friend walks behind me.


i wake up. i don't remember how it ended. i wish i did.

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 80”


All aboard the coolest rollercoaster ever! Written on October 7, 2018.

dream log 80

i'm at a table with some friends, close friends from all over the US. we're playing rounds of something that looks similar to Truth or Dare, except it's literally us speaking a single word/sentence and the other person does or answers it. i don't know HOW we're deciding on the turns or who's doing the truth/dare.


my next turn comes up, and some of our friends keep going to a huge machine right next to us as we do turns - it looks like a very interesting type of rollercoaster, but it doesn't look like one at all, partially being a box. it looks like a deathtrap as i keep seeing people get catapulted from and to one side.


so my turn comes up, and my friend, who i also have a crush on, pulls up a huge card that's like "SPICY CRUSH CONFESSION" and we both stare at each other and are both like "hell no you already know." she sighs and asks me to do something, then walks up to that roller coaster machine. i see her having the absolute most fun time.


then everybody's back at the table and my crushfriend is the last one to arrive, when we all hear the theme song of The Amazing World of Gumball, and as time passes on her face gets redder and redder and she slams her face on the table.


suddenly she's back up, with an idea for an actually decent dare.


"hey, ride that thing," she says, pointing at the huge thing right next to us.


"mmkay," i get up and walk inside its entrance, hopping into an egg-shaped capsule. the front is mostly open air, but there's still something above me.


then...... it seems to go on for about a few minutes, going in a completely straight line, and then i see a screen above me with words i don't understand, except express myself, and i do nothing. and nothing interesting happens - not even any turns or up-downs, or decorations, or ANYTHING. i am sorely disappointed as i step out.


"WHAT?!" every single one of my friends, who have already ridden it, cry out. "Dude! You were supposed to move your arms around and make the ride react to you! You can control the ride experience you have!"


i feel a rush of shame and embarrassment go through me. how could i have wasted this chance? i can't get back on there again. god, i'm the most boring, blandest person ever--




We all get teleported into the machine, but it's not a ride anymore.


I'm by myself at first, on a few video game-esque platforms in the sewers, except there's no water or sewage under us. i've been turned into... a blob with tentacles? an octopus with a single big eyeball. i'm inside it, somehow, and i see two other blobs appear - and then many enemies. i don't remember what the enemies looked like, maybe gooey robot rats.


so i move my arms around, trying to strike cool poses, and my blob actually fights off the enemies, and i breathe a sigh of relief as the other blobs get absolutely destroyed, and i fight off every single one of those things by moving my arms.


eventually i advance to the next level, but it looks like this isn't an actual level, it's just a mario odyssey place. i try to advance more, but before i can get to the portal, bowser sees me and stops me dead in my tracks.

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