by Scoliwings 

“dream log 76”


This is an interesting one about an evil lifeforce-stealing camp director. Originally written on August 9, 2018.

dream log 76

i'm at a... camp, or someplace where i'm working, where there are kids roaming everywhere, having a fun time.

but the director of the camp is evil, taking the lifeforce of the kids with some sort of means that i can't recall right now. i couldn't do anything, though.


so me and the other employees are told to make a pizza, and someone keeps assuming i don't know how to make a pizza, when i do. the pizza production line keeps making pizzas for a while, until we go on break to eat some food elsewhere.

i can't remember what we're riding on to get everywhere so fast - maybe we were just walking really fast. we walk down some streets for a bit, until we arrive to this strange but nice food market, with types of exotic foods out in the open, bananas, candied fruits, and such. lots of fruits.

we end up walking into this place that... is a mixture of mexican food and fortune telling? it wouldn't have seemed bad, but then you toss in the fact that the whole place is mysteriously empty and has its lights off, and in fact, is filled with arcade machines as well as tables. 

me and my co-workers bicker a bit over whether or not to actually eat here, and then we leave for a store just right next to the place, filled with oddities and mysterious things. the owner tells us that the director of our camp is somehow gone now, killed through a means they cannot tell us.

we're like, "what?" and scurry back to the camp. 

it's true - the director is gone, but we worry over how to continue the camp, because the original activities were what took the kids' lifeforce, but then we realize we can just tear down the very institution. 

so we begin taking apart the building itself, brick by brick.

by Scoliwings 

“dream log 72”


One of our favorite dreams to date, about meeting (gods?) and winning a contest. Originally written in our dream journal, on 8 June 2018.

dream log 72

this is... probably the longest dream i've had that i've been able to somewhat remember. it's just an monstrosity.

so... the first thing i remember is,


i'm in a friend's home, feeling not very confident in myself. i'm about to do something big, and then... these two beings i've met before, i recognize them somehow, they drag me outside.

they're the king and queen. the king looks like some sort of beetle or ant, or maybe a butterfly, while the queen is a ladybug. they're both wearing crowns to signify their rank, and have this absolutely spectacular, incredible, colorful aura swirling around them wherever they fly. and they're ALWAYS flying.

so i'm being dragged while they're flying, being held between the both of them by my arms. it's not comfortable, probably, but it's a dream.

they're both muttering knowledge, advice, wisdom to me as we fly somewhere else far, far away, but yet close. then i get dropped into a house, that's half open, like a dollhouse, except it's real.


i fall into the basement, and the king and queen seem to have fused together to form this HUGE, very colorful, alligator-like caterpillar that seems infinitely long, and MUCH bigger than me or anyone i know.

A drawing of a brilliantly colorful fusion of a unimaginably huge creature with the face of an alligator, legs of caterpillar, and wings of a monarch.

they speak in a rumbling but calming tone, offering me advice yet again on what i'm to do in an incoming contest, and open up their gaping mouth, which seems like it could fit a dozen people and still have room left for another dozen. their head almost fills up the wall - they're fitting through a hole in the wall.

oh god this basement is so big.

anyways, they open up their gaping alligator mouth, offering to show me what the end of the contest looks like. i step inside, and turn around. there's now three prizes, all hidden in these three-foot-wide orbs displayed next to each other, like three doors to be opened. the monarch alligator tells me that only three winners can get each of these fabulous prizes.


i am then spit out of their mouth, and suddenly i'm in a campsite. they're about to begin the contest, and when it does, we all run. me and a hundred other people i know in real life.

there are these really tall wooden stairs leading to god knows where, and i'm about to go up them, even though i have literally no idea what i'm supposed to do. i get blocked off by an apologetic friend, and then a crowd rushes onto the staircase, and i decide to bolt to an entirely different location, off-site.

i end up running into a nearby village, and now i have a vague idea of what i should do - i can't let other campers catch me. i have to hide. i turn into a snake and slither everywhere, searching for a possible hiding place, but also making sure that no other camper or villager can see me.


it keeps going until i reach the campsite i was in again, and my mom is there, and a lot of other parents too. i ask her what's going on, did anybody win yet.

"No, but it's about to end soon. You're very close to winning, you know?"

"What? I am? What do I have to do?"

she tells me the answer, but I miss it, and I keep asking her questions, again and again, until they announce that only five people were close to winning, so i bolt, happening upon five chairs near the basement. a few of the other winners are already there, so i quickly sit down my ass and wait for the conclusion.

the monarch-alligator is here again, telling us to walk into their mouth. we look at each other and nod, then walk together into the maw.

it's not even a mouth. it's... an entirely full-fledged, small town, shaped like a carnival. it looks so beautiful, but we can't stay long.

the five of us are scuttled off into these train cars. the monarch-alligator, now much smaller, is driving the train, chugging along and talking with us amicably.


but i wake up, ending the dream suddenly, and i can't get it back, nor continue it.

this is probably why the king and queen wanted to show me the ending first, but who the heck won those prizes??? i had such a long dream and was able to remember it all, where's the ending?? is it resolved?

by Scoliwings 

“test test”

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