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8th Mar 2018, 11:14 PM

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weight of life
weight of life
weight of life
weight of life

Image description Seren, a brown mothbat, is crying, lying down on the ground.

"What's up?" comes from their right.

They look up at Scoli, a red dragon, who looks worried. "It wasn't because of me, right? I'm sorry -"

Scoli is interrupted by the mothbat: "No. It wasn't."

Seren attempts to get up from the ground, but pauses on their knees, looking down. Their words are heavy with a weariness. "It's something nobody can describe.

It's the weight of life pressing on me.

It's my brain screaming at me.

And I'm so tired."

seren, scoli, mothbat, dragon, vent, moth, bat, comic

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