Wandersong'd - Delphiswap Designs!

26th Feb 2022, 4:11 PM

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Delphiswap Designs!

Image description A full-color image of three characters, Viola, Manny, and Ash, standing from left to right in that order.

Viola, a thin, petite fair-skinned woman with half-shaven green hair and pointy ears, is winking at the viewer, with one hand on her hip, as she confidently holds a smoking sword with a golden blade and blue hilt. She’s dressed with a nicely tied neckscarf that is light cyan blue, black gloves that extend over her elbows, a dark blue tank top, a long skirt of orange-yellow fabric that flows behind herself, and black heel boots.

Manny, a short, mustached stocky man with medium-toned skin, is grinning with one hand on his hip. He is wearing round sunglasses, a dark purple robin hood hat with a large, elaborate, fluffy blue feather stuck into it, a dark green capelet, a red longsleeve top with purple dots across the torso, dark purple fingerless gloves, a dark purple belt with a silver buckle, a dark red pair of pants, and dark purple boots.

Ash, a white witch with lopsided pink hair of medium length, is looking dejectedly to their left as they hold a broom in one hand. They are wearing a dark blue witch hat, a hot pink scarf, a dark blue longsleeve top with a teal vest over that, a black belt, a pair of striped purple pants, and dark blue boots.

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Author Notes

26th Feb 2022, 4:11 PM (serrano) introducing… the delphiswap cast!!!! it was a fun challenge, trying to figure out their colors without just reusing too many colors from their original palettes, and also trying to contrast with the original rgb protagonists’ palettes! (so… many colors…)