Wandersong'd - wsds shenanigans 1

28th Feb 2022, 9:12 PM

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wsds shenanigans 1
wsds shenanigans 1

Image description Two images of sketch comics with characters in monochrome color sketches.

Comic 1 description:

“Hey Ash, wanna see some new dance moves I just learned?” asks Manny.

Ash replies, “um, sure?”

Manny starts his dance by shaking his hips, bumping into Ash’s side so violently that the witch is launched backwards at high speeds.

Comic 2 description:

Ash holds up Manny by the arms, declaring, “My emotional support bard.”

“Why is he so tiny,” Viola asks.

Manny chortles, “I’m travel sized!”

They take their witch hat off, and note a “mmhm, see?” as they comically stuff Manny into their hat.

Viola is left in a confused and shocked silence.

Character descriptions:

Manny in red, a short, mustached stocky man, who wears round sunglasses, a robin hood hat with a large, elaborate, fluffy feather stuck into it, a capelet, longsleeve top with dots across the torso, fingerless gloves, belt, pair of pants, and boots.

Ash in purple, a tall witch with lopsided hair of medium length, who wears a witch hat, scarf, longsleeve top with a vest, belt, pair of pants, and boots.

Viola in blue, a thin, petite woman with half-shaven hair and pointy ears, is dressed with a nicely tied neckscarf, gloves that extend over her elbows, tank top, long skirt, and heel boots.

wandersong, manny, ash, viola, delphiswap, comic, sketches

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Author Notes

28th Feb 2022, 9:12 PM (Nameless) have funny doodles of delphiswap



9th Apr 2022, 1:43 AM man that hilarious