Wandersong'd - delphiswap rgb band

11th Mar 2022, 3:36 PM

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delphiswap rgb band

Image description Three colored sketches of Audrey, Kiwi, and Miriam left to right.

Audrey, a woman with fair skin, black hair in the style of a bowlcut with shaven sides, and thick eyebrows. She’s wearing a red flannel longsleeve with a denim vest, a black collar, blue jeans, and yellow sneakers. She is holding a cyan guitar with lightning bolts painted on it, looking to her left as she frowns.

Kiwi, a lanky tan person with pink hair, who is wearing a wide-brimmed green hat with an orange flower tacked on, a yellow top, orange bow and belt, brown jacket, green pants, and brown boots. They are standing around with their hands clapped together, looking excited to be here.

Miriam, a grumpy witch with pale pinkish skin, blue hair and eyebrows, a long nose, is wearing a very dark purple suit with a light purple top underneath, a purple tie, cyan lining their sleeves, and dark purple boots. She is slouching with an angry, anguished expression on her face, snarling and looking down to her right as she stiffly holds her piccolo in a fist.

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Author Notes

11th Mar 2022, 3:36 PM (Shard) rough sketches of the designs of the rgb trio, who has been thrown into delphi in this AU where they swap places and roles with the delphi band! also, a bit of some updated backstory:

kiwi is the recruiter, vibing a bit sadly in delphi. they JUST moved here, but delphi reminds them just a little too much of chismest! they can see where delphi’s headed! and then they hear manny’s singing and is like YOU. JOIN ME

is a guitar player who plays at the eagle cafe regularly. she’s lived in delphi for a while, though she seems to have a rocky relationship with kiwi despite them being new here. she seems to be more than happy to join the band with manny there, however.

miriam is the piccolo player staying in the inn. she’s here because her grandma saphy died, and she is extremely upset for many, many reasons. it’d take a miracle to get her to leave this hotel room - how is anyone going to convince her to join the band…?