Wandersong'd - viola progression

15th Mar 2022, 3:33 PM

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viola progression

Image description Sequential sketches of seven black-and-white busts of Viola, a thin, petite woman with half-shaven hair and pointy ears, dressed in a nicely tied neckscarf and tank top, progressing through the acts, each one with a different facial expression.

Act 1: She appears innocent and more than happy to be the hero who saves the world. (Initially, she is wearing her dress from the classic version of Wandersong.)

Act 2: She has accepted her role as the hero, and looks confident that she’s up to the task. (now with her Delphiswap outfit, as previously described)

Act 3.5: Viola is trying to hide her shock upon discovering that she’s the hero who is supposed to end the world. Everything’s fine. Yep.

Act 4: She looks exasperated, ironically grinning. Why are these two (the bard and witch) trying to stop her?

Act 5: She seems mildly tired, but shows off a strained smile nonetheless. She’s still the hero, after all!

Act 6: Viola is worn out, and it shows in her messy hair. There appears to be some steam or smoke emanating off her as she overheats?...

Act 7: Smoke completely envelops her as the exhausted hero glares towards the viewer with cold eyes.

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Author Notes

15th Mar 2022, 3:33 PM (Kyka) how viola changes throughout the game

inspired by this thought from Nameless:

"i find it pretty funny that delphiswap viola seems to be tending towards cold than hot, in terms of personality. i'm sure she has her heated moments but when it comes down to it she'd need to close herself off from the rest of the world in order to justify ending it, hrmm

i can see her being excited about being a Hero initially, and then as her quest drags on longer, that warmth is gone, replaced by something else"

(the image description also has some extra insight into each expression, and a few hints about the events of each act ;3c)