Wandersong'd - wsds shenanigans 2

21st Mar 2022, 3:48 PM

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wsds shenanigans 2
wsds shenanigans 2

Image description Image 1: A full color bust from the knee up of Jaime, a pale man with long, frizzy pink hair, thick eyebrows, pink clown makeup, black jacket, purple shirt, and a pair of teal pants with a golden chain attached. He has his arms folded, frowning.

Additionally, there is a monochrome colored sketch of Jaime (in purple) singing with a microphone next to Ash in pink, a tall witch with lopsided hair of medium length, who wears a witch hat, scarf, longsleeve top with a vest, belt, and a pair of pants. Ash is playing an accordion as they look at Jaime curiously, thinking, “He reminds me of Viola…?”

Image 2: A full color bust from the knee up of Peter, a medium-toned guy with short curly hair, wearing a green winter coat, yellow scarf, dark-green fingerless gloves, and a pair of denim pants. He’s holding a balalaika and smiling.

Also, a monochrome colored sketch of Audrey (blue) holding Peter (green) up by the scarf aggressively, threatening, “If you flirt with Miriam, I will kick your ass.” He has a scared expression and stammers out “Y-YES MA’AM!”

Audrey is a woman with hair in the style of a bowlcut with shaven sides and thick eyebrows. She’s wearing a flannel longsleeve with a denim vest, a collar, and a pair of jeans.

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Author Notes

21st Mar 2022, 3:48 PM (Erie) peter = jaime swap!

jaime happens to be in chismest when he sees ash doing some magic, and has manny send them a letter saying that he’s very interested in their magic and would like to meet up to learn more from them. (ash is very flustered by the idea that anyone could ever even be impressed by their seemingly mediocre wind magics)

peter joins the rgb band on their adventures across the world, and does still admire miriam, but keeps his distance since he knows he’s not going to stay with the band very long. (that, and the guitarist terrifies him.)