Wandersong'd - orderscape moment

25th Mar 2022, 1:06 PM

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orderscape moment
orderscape moment
orderscape moment
orderscape moment

Image description Four images of a sketch comic.

“Just give it up already, darling~” Viola has Ash pinned down, her flaming sword above their throat. “What IS it with you, anyhow? Why don’t you stop bothering me?”

They’re glaring up at her, embarrassed but irritated at having been pinned down so quickly. They can’t stand her smirk, so they break free of her grip and blows her away and up into the air with a gust of their magic.

“Y-you’re the one who’s going to end the world… you just found out about it! And you’re… seriously going to go through with it??” Ash questions as they get up.

At a distance behind the witch and hero, the bard paces around worriedly. “Yeah, that’s… that’s messed up, Viola,” he says. “Uh… are you SURE I can’t help you hold her off?”

“Yes! You have to get the song from the Dream King!”

“Okay…” Manny runs off looking somewhat dejected.

Viola looks between the both of them, contemplating Ash’s question. She appears conflicted for a moment, but then she stands up and swings her sword down towards the ground. “Well… If it’s going to end anyway… I might as well live my life to the fullest, and go out with a bang~”

She gives Ash a small smile. It looks faked, as if she is trying to convince herself of something.

“Besides, being the hero… making sure no one suffers in the end… isn’t that worth it?”

Character descriptions:

Manny in red, a short, mustached stocky man, who wears round sunglasses, a robin hood hat with a large, elaborate, fluffy feather stuck into it, a capelet, longsleeve top with dots across the torso, fingerless gloves, belt, pair of pants, and boots.

Ash in purple, a tall witch with lopsided hair of medium length, who wears a witch hat, scarf, longsleeve top with a vest, belt, pair of pants, and boots.

Viola in orange, a thin, petite woman with half-shaven hair and pointy ears, is dressed with a nicely tied neckscarf, gloves that extend over her elbows, tank top, long skirt, and heel boots.

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Author Notes

25th Mar 2022, 1:06 PM (Serrano) orderscape fight scene moment