Wandersong'd - emotional support cat

27th Mar 2022, 1:09 PM

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emotional support cat

Image description A couple of colored sketches.

Miriam, a woman with pale pinkish skin, blue hair and eyebrows, a long nose, is wearing a very dark purple suit with a light purple top underneath, a purple tie, cyan lining their sleeves, and dark purple boots. She’s petting Broggles, a black cat with green eyes, a white-furred chest, and paws, as they sit on her lap comfortably. She’s crying and smiling.

A bust of Broggles.

A sketch skit of Miriam yelling, “SAPHY WHY’D YOU POSSESS A FREAKING CAT FOR ME”

Saphy, her ghost grandma, replies, “Y’know, nya-”


wandersong, wandersong au, delphiswap, miriam, grandma saphy, broggles

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Author Notes

27th Mar 2022, 1:09 PM (Serrano) emotional support cat who may or may not be your deceased grandma in disguise

saphy finds this malnourished stray cat while wandering around as a ghost, talks to broggles for a bit. broggles doesn’t want to take care of themself and prefers being outdoors. saphy thinks, “but my granddaughter would be delighted to have you! she’d take good care of you…” and just straight up possesses them to make sure they have a good home

broggles wakes up confused in miriam’s place but hesitantly stays because it is nice and warm. whenever they escape, saphy makes sure they get back home safely! this little cat warms up to these two eventually

meanwhile miriam is pleasantly baffled at how a cat ended up on her doorstep and at why it’s so friendly to her until it speaks in her dead grandma’s voice, scaring the living daylights out of her

ghost grandma saphy can have a little mischief and feline mayhem as a treat