Dreamlogs - [CW: Transphobia] You're a boy

9th Mar 2018, 8:27 PM

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[CW: Transphobia] You're a boy
[CW: Transphobia] You're a boy

Image description Two pages of a comic.

A green humanoid is walking around in a woman's restroom, finding and entering an empty stall. As quickly as they closed it, the door is opened by a woman from outside, startling them.

She is a vengeful blonde, long-haired, wearing a blue sweater. "YOU!" she yells. "You're a boy! You don't belong here. GET. OUT."

"WHAT?!" they yelp, claws stiff in the "five" handshape. They deny it, dissociating mildly. "I'm not! But I'm not... a girl either... I can't... I just-"


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