friendly art - art trade: half-transformed werewolf

27th Jan 2019, 12:00 AM

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art trade: half-transformed werewolf

Image description A partially-transformed werewolf with long hair is excitedly holding up her hand, making a glowing orb inside it. She's wearing a dark blue coat with rolled-up sleeves, forest green pants, and black shoes - which have been ruined by her werewolf claws.

werewolf, human, wingu, aurora

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Author Notes

14th Dec 2020, 8:55 PM So... funny thing, I don't actually remember if this was a commission, art trade, or fanart. What I do remember is that she's a character from Wingu's webcomic, which is down and on permanent hiatus at the moment, but it was a really good webcomic! I miss it.

Edit: She is named Aurora, and it was an art trade!