Miscellanous - [artistic nudity] zyx, the goddess of chaos

12th Feb 2019, 12:00 AM

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[artistic nudity] zyx, the goddess of chaos

Image description A goddess by the name of Zyx has taken semi-human form, with long white hair that covers half his face (but not an odd button that has replaced an eye), a scarf-like mane, and black markings on his shoulders and going up from his legs to in-between his exposed breasts. He's holding the camera towards himself, and shows off his wide grin full of sharp teeth. His arms appear quite muscular.


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Author Notes

14th Dec 2020, 9:18 PM I don't normally post characters with breasts, but Zyx was created before I set out to publicly post more on Twitter and various other platforms, which have SFW rules. I don't like to think of breasts as NSFW, but in this society as they stand, they are still sexualized and not normalized enough. Hence, the warning in the title.

He's a wonderful character that allowed a younger me as an starting artist to explore queerness and give myself more freedom to draw breasts without feeling weird about it. Hopefully I can talk more about him in the future...