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3rd Apr 2019, 9:53 PM

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we must coexist
we must coexist

Image description Two images.

Scoli, a red dragon with sky blue hair and yellow stripes, is sitting down with crossed legs. They look at Kyka with contempt, doubtful. "Why...? All you ever do is make us suffer."

"..." Kyka, a white dog wearing a t-shirt and shorts, pauses. "I-I'm sorry. Neither one of us wanted this. But - we must coexist."

The camera turns around at the sad-looking dog, who is also sitting cross-legged in front of Scoli.

"But I'm here - You can't ignore me."

scoli, kyka, dragon, dog, comic, vent

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Author Notes

12th Dec 2020, 8:41 PM This was intended to be read in either order. Looking back on these two drawings of Scoli and Kyka talking to each other, in a yet-formed headspace, this is a rare record of the two talking as not simply personas, but system members. Back then, they were having difficulties coping with their environment and took this out on each other.

They aren't active in the system at the time of writing this comment, but they were definitely real people once, and we miss them.