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2nd Jun 2019, 11:18 AM

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Image description A confused green person has suddenly been thrust into an unwilling match, inside a strangely-lit yellow room - why are they holding a sword? It appears their opponent in blue doesn't care, as he leaps forward to strike. Their swords clash and break unexpectedly; the green one's sword is left more intact than their blue opponent.

With his pride wounded, he turns to the green one. They're afraid and don't want to continue, so they throw their half-broken sword with their eyes closed, not expecting the sword to land directly in their adversary's heart. A fatal wound.

They gasp and wheeze, stumbling backwards, a pained expression on their face. They did not want him to die.

But he reassures them, "O-oh, don't worry! I'll be fine! I'll respawn soon."

His life continues to fade away.

"I'll... r-respawn..."

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