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2nd Jul 2019, 12:00 AM

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caretaker & butcher
caretaker & butcher

Image description Page one of two comics:

Ruby, a dark-skinned butcher, sees Opaline, a local caretaker with lighter skin and vitiligo, walking towards her stall.

"Hey," she greets her. Opaline waves to Ruby with a "Hello!"

They exchange a back-and-forth banter. "The usual?" the butcher signs. "You know it," Opaline replies.

As Ruby is preparing and packing her meats - she's ordered a large amount - she asks, "Now, seriously though - talk about loyalty. How can you possibly buy this much? Why do you keep coming back?"

"I thought it was a party at first. But..."

Opaline smiles. "Oh, my kids LOVE your meat!"

Pointing at her, Ruby raises her eyebrows. "...you're a mother?"

"You could say that! I run an orphanage," the caretaker chuckles bashfully, running a hand through her frizzy, red hair.

"Ah, I see!" Ruby exclaims, her signs becoming faster and somewhat frantic. "Well, now I'm embarrassed that I don't know much about you! You really seem like a cute woman."


She realizes her mistake and backtracks. "GREAT! I MEAN GREAT!" The butcher then hides her face in her hands, clearly flustered. An eye peeks out of her fingers right as she sees Opaline fingerspell "Oh-".

Page two:

Ruby is astounded by the sincerity of Opaline's laughter that comes after. The radiance of her is like the sun.

The caretaker breaks the silence by signing back, "You're cute, too! Here's the money for next week's supply!" A bag full of coins is dropped onto her counter, and she leaves.

Ruby's brain is completely befuddled by what just happened. She can almost feel it steaming, and her own face and ears are red.


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