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10th Nov 2019, 12:00 AM

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ally & rebecca

Image description Two girls standing side by side - the one on the left is Ally, a tall brown girl with long dark brown hair in a ponytail, who is wearing a black shirt with a symbol that's a cross between a peace sign and a heart, and a purple skirt. Her arms and legs appear to have turned partially into wolf paws, and a tail can be seen underneath the skirt. Her posture is relaxed, paws on her hips.

The one on the right is Rebecca, a short, fat, white girl with dyed black hair that fades into red, who is wearing a green tank top with a white marking on it, and black shorts. She has one hand on her hip. Two horns are sprouting out of her head, and a hearing aid is visible on her ear not covered by hair.


Ally - she/her
- mute, signs only
- can lift three times her weight
- dislikes foxes

Rebecca - she/her
- hard of hearing
- can run faster than Ally
- hates losing in anything

ally, rebecca, human, wolf, goat, deaf, hard of hearing, hearing aid

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