persona art - drake's batmoth form

13th Apr 2021, 12:02 AM

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drake's batmoth form

Image description A drawing of a purple batmoth, with the head and torso of a moth, wings, legs and tail of a bat, is standing at a 3/4 angle to the viewer. Their dark, outstretched wing has three large, neon-green eyes on it, along with a paw that has a glowing eye pattern on its palm, which also shows up on the additional paw of the extra arm in front of the wing. The fluffy, moth-like mane is light pink, with some glowing dots embedded within. Their tail is striped purple and lighter purple, with black hair appearing in an strange rhythm across the ridges.

drake, bat, moth, batmoth, mothbat, persona

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Author Notes

13th Apr 2021, 12:02 AM (drake) batmoth! batmoth! batmoth!!!!!! i'm so happy with how this came out!

edit: i had to update this with a watermark, sorry to anyone who got this twice in their rss