friendly art - comm: Jamie the shark

28th Jun 2021, 9:59 PM

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comm: Jamie the shark
comm: Jamie the shark

Image description Two references - one is a front and back ref sheet, the other is a clothing reference. They are both of a bluish-gray anthropomorphic shark standing in a default pose, with their hand raised in front of them. They have teal-green hair and a distinctive, striped pattern on their skin. The ref sheet's text says: "Jamie - they/them".

The clothing ref shows Jamie wearing glasses, a green jacket, white T-shirt with a pine tree on it, and black pants. The text says: "With outfit".

shark, jamie, reference, ref sheet, commission

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Author Notes

28th Jun 2021, 9:59 PM A commission for Fern, a shark for a friend!



28th Jun 2021, 10:34 PM I like this em a lot!!