persona art - side by side

9th Jul 2021, 10:03 PM

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side by side

Image description Two mothbats floating side by side next to each other, holding hands and gazing at each other. The one on the reader's left is Vesta, a brown mothbat with colorful orange-yellow neck fluff, thick antennae, and a short tail. They are wearing a blue t-shirt with pink shorts. On the right is Drake, a purple mothbat with light pink neck fluff, thin antennae, and a long striped tail. Their clawed wings have bright green eyes on them, and each of their four claws are black with a neon green eyeball in the center. (They aren't real eyes.) Behind them is a gradient background that fades from black, red to yellow. Sparkles surround everything.

vesta, drake, mothbat, moth, bat, persona

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