Animations - fightin' wings

16th Aug 2021, 6:45 PM

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fightin' wings
fightin' wings
fightin' wings

Image description Three gifs of rough, black-and-white animations.

GIF 1: Drake, a moth with a fluffy mane, two thin antennae, and two eyes but not a mouth. He takes a steadying breath, then calmly signs "I want to fight YOU" with an angry expression.

GIF 2: Serrano, an anthro dragon with catlike ears, hair on their head, two sets of horns to either side of their head, three stripes on each arm, and clawed hands. They do a double take in response to Drake, signing "WHAT."

GIF 3: The camera zooms into Drake's eyes, which expand into an ominous glow before he rears up with his gnarly clawed hands, which have eyes in the center of them, and lunges at the ground, sprouting a pair of terrifying bat wings from their back that have similarly-eyed hands on them, with three additional eye patterns on either wing, giving off very spooky vibes as the camera zooms out.

drake, moth, bat, batmoth, mothbat, serrano, dragon, eyes, ASL, animation

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Author Notes

8th Feb 2022, 8:46 PM (Vesta) hey! so, uh, my wingmates never actually posted these when they really did want to. no worries, ve just happened to have fun animating this after drake was all like "hey why don't we animate myself fighting serrano" for funsies which... never got completed. enjoy the drama though???