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5th Oct 2021, 6:01 PM

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Not Water - 01

Image description A comic page with six panels.

Panel 1: Shard, an gray anthro crow wearing a red cropped sweater, with tall stick legs and a red shark tail, is skipping across a monotone landscape with black sand and a gray sky. They happily think to themself, "I want to destroy the ship~".

Panel 2: A close up of their face, looking surprised.

Panel 3: A shot of what is in front of Shard - a beach with black sand and seemingly translucent, white water. The tide brings the seafoam into view. Shard's thoughts continue. "It's gone..."

Panel 4: The view expands to show the translucent water contrasting against the black sand - with Shard now sitting down and leaning towards the water. Their thoughts go on. "...there's milky water?"

Panel 5: "Could I swim in it...?" The crowshark leans ahead even more, their feathery hand hovering cautiously over the surface.

Panel 6: Finally they thrust their hand into the "water."

shard, shark, sharkbird, bird, headspace

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Author Notes

5th Oct 2021, 7:12 PM (Shard) My headspace changed recently, so i thought I'd make a few comics of me exploring it. Enjoy!

An extra note regarding "destroying the ship": a fictional yacht stolen from a fictional rich person used to be parked here, on a beach with sandy sand instead of black sand. I'd hang out and sleep in this yacht a fair bit, but it had begun feeling more like a dark prison before it mysteriously disappeared. (Would've been nice to throw an anchor straight into it, though...)