personal - Not Water - 02

9th Oct 2021, 7:13 PM

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Not Water - 02

Image description A comic page with six panels.

Panel 1: From underneath the white surface, Shard's left arm is being dissolved. From above, Shard's expression is clearly very worried.

Panel 2: The sharkbird immediately pulls their partially-dissolved arm out of the milky tide, dripping the odd liquid.

Panel 3: Their arm regenerates magically.

Panel 4: Shard looks down at their intact feathery hand, thinking to themself: "Limb-dissolving milk ocean...?!"

Panel 5: Taking their location into consideration further, they put their fingers on their beak as they think. "Why would I have a headspace like this that I can't swim in--"

Panel 6: "--whAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" Shard exclaims in horror, turning around as they witness a smaller, round brown creature preparing to step into the white ocean.

shard, sharkbird, shark, bird, headspace, vesta, sharkotter, otter

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Author Notes

9th Oct 2021, 7:13 PM (Shard) is that a vesta i spy



10th Oct 2021, 6:33 AM Brains are weird