Animations - What are you, deaf?

1st Dec 2021, 5:10 PM

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Image description An 22-second rough, black-and-white animation with captions.

An establishing shot of a grocery store, with various wares on either side of the two characters in the center, with an exit door behind them. There stands a fat moth in front of the line, holding a large purse, with a skinny bat in jogging clothes behind her, who is hunched over looking at her phone.

The bat looks up from her phone, waiting a moment, looking around impatiently. She walks up right behind the moth, looming over her.

"Hey, uhhhh-" she blinks, gazing away for a moment before snapping back, extending and contracting her neck as she speaks rudely. "The cashier's ready for you! Ugh! What are you, deaf?"

The tired-looking deer cashier in front of the two women raises an index finger to indicate to them to wait. The rude bat nods amicably as the deer shuffles around underneath the counter, while the moth looks on confusedly.

Suddenly they pull up a HUGE super-soaker water gun, and the bat barely has a moment to gasp before she gets COMPLETELY blasted by a deluge of water! The deaf moth hadn't known the bat was behind her, and manages to avoid being splashed by the water as she looks behind herself.

In the last shot of the animation, the bat gets pushed backwards about 15 feet, going halfway out the door before passing out. Turning around, the moth blinks, and then recoils from the massive flood trail of water left on the floor that has reached her feet.

Credits are shown in white text on a black screen.
"Animation: Lymon Thorn
Bat Voice: Devin Grover
Sound Editors:
Piper Charron
Mari Jaye Blanchard

Thank you for watching!

Sound effects from"

moth, bat, deer, animation, audio, speech, lip sync

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Author Notes

8th Feb 2022, 9:14 PM (Vesta) GOSH, did this take us a long time to animate!! ...and even longer to post HERE because ve didn't get around to writing an image description until now. which in hindsight was way easier to do than, y'know, working on this thing for an entire semester of college. yes it has voice acting in it and ve were ANXIOUS about the lip sync and everything but ve wanted to see if ve could do it and ve definitely pulled it off well!!!!!