Wandersong'd - the cutest witch

2nd Feb 2022, 6:10 PM

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the cutest witch

Image description A panel-less comic with two characters in monochrome colors. Miriam, a blue-haired witch wearing a dark longsleeve dress with striped leggings and boots, looks down confusedly at Viola, a shorter woman wearing a black sleeveless dress, with short, shaven green hair.

Folding her arms, Miriam scowls, "Why are you looking. What do you want."

Viola replies, "Kiwi talked a lot about you. I thought I'd go see what the commotion was all about."

"Oh, they did, huh." The witch closes an eye, gazing away. "Well, congrats, you've seen me. Now stop staring."

"They were right after all!"

Miriam narrows her eyes suspiciously, frowning. "What, about me being a rude, grumpy witch???"

"No, it was about you being the most wonderful, cutest witch ever~" chuckles Viola, putting a hand to her own cheek and giving Miriam a sly wink with a grin.

"UGH, I swear to Eya if they've been spreading rumors about--" She realizes what the pretty lady in front of her has just said, and her hands grip the fabric of the sleeves on her dress, face turning very pink. It almost feels as if steam is coming out of her ears, all from one completely unexpected compliment.

"-- WHAT," is the only word the wide-eyed Miriam can finish her sentence with.

miriam, viola, wandersong, fancomic, fanart

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Author Notes

2nd Feb 2022, 6:10 PM (Erie) um

yeah, i stumbled into viola/miriam as a ship by accident, have this sapphic comic