Wandersong'd - evil bard vesta

4th Feb 2022, 1:59 PM

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evil bard vesta

Image description A brown mothbat with fluffy, yellow-tipped orange antennae cosplaying an evil bard. They are wearing a red robin hood hat with the brim shaped to look like evil horns, a red capelet enhanced by large bat wings dyed red, a pink longsleeve top, a pair of thick orange pants, a black belt, and black boots. They have their left arm outstretched upwards, the other resting on their chest as they enthusiastically sing an evil note.

vesta, bard, evil bard, wandersong, wanderfell, fanart, cosplay, costume

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Author Notes

4th Feb 2022, 1:59 PM (Vesta) i saw this wandersong au about evil villains and was basically like "yeah evil kiwi is totally me" and i'm evil bard now >:3