Wandersong'd - witchy shenanigans

7th Feb 2022, 5:36 PM

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witchy shenanigans

Image description A short, black-and-white rough animation.

Character descriptions: To the left is Raz, a long-nosed witch with messy short hair, wearing a hat, longsleeve dress, and a cape. To the right is Pom, an evil vampire bard, wearing a robin hood hat with the brim shaped to look like evil horns, a long cape, a longsleeve top, a pair of thick pants, a belt, and boots.

Action description: Pom is standing around with an impish smirk. Behind them, Raz peeks out of their shadow. Smiling mischievously, she pounces upon Pom, surprising them with a sudden hug from behind and pulling them backwards into the shadow along with her. Pom's hat has fallen off, and floats gently onto the ground after the two friends have disappeared into the shadow.

wandersong, wanderfell, kiwi, pom, bard, evil bard, miriam, raz, witch, animation, fanart, fan animation

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Author Notes

7th Feb 2022, 5:36 PM (Vesta) is this exactly the same au from earlier? yes. yes it is

oh also i totally snatched up this awesome url and turned it into a website full of dancing gifs, please check out bard.dance