Wandersong'd - RGB Trio/Delphi Band Outfit Swap!

13th Feb 2022, 6:39 PM

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RGB Trio/Delphi Band Outfit Swap!
RGB Trio/Delphi Band Outfit Swap!

Image description Two images of two different groups of characters in a variety of outfits, posing and having fun. The background is a cool blue gradient with disco ball-like sparkles.

RGB Trio, from left to right: Audrey, Kiwi, and Miriam.

Audrey, a woman with fair skin, buff biceps, black hair in the style of a bowlcut with shaven sides, and thick eyebrows. She is leaning on one leg, grinning smugly, wearing a formal black sleeveless dress and black high heels, holding a brown violin to her neck. The violin's bow has been substituted for Audrey's sword, which appears to have cut one string already.

Kiwi, a lanky tan person with pink hair, looks happy to be here, doing an exaggerated pose with jazz hands as they grin. They are wearing a red coat with a very light brown shirt underneath, and a tie, a pair of pants, and boots, all three being the same dark shade of purple. Also, a wide-brimmed dark purple hat with an reddish-orange feather stuck into it.

Miriam, a grumpy witch with pale pinkish skin, blue hair and eyebrows, a long nose, is simply standing in place with her arms crossed, sporting a neutral expression with one eye closed, gazing to her right. She is wearing a purple suit with a bow, a lighter purple top underneath, a belt, and boots with heels.

Delphi Band, from left to right: Viola, Manny, and Ash.

Viola, a thin, fair-skinned woman with half-shaven green hair and pointy ears. She's jogging in place as she holds a violin bow in one hand, winking at the viewer, wearing a yellow scarf, red longsleeve with a black strap across her torso, black gloves, yellow pants, and black boots.

Manny, a short, mustached stocky man with medium-toned skin, merrily singing out loud as he lifts an arm up into the air, the other to his chest. He is wearing round sunglasses, a green robin hood hat with a large, elaborate fluffy red feather stuck into it, a green capelet, a tan longsleeve top, black fingerless gloves, a brown belt, a pair of green pants, and brown boots.

Ash, a white person with lopsided pink hair of medium length, slouches over awkwardly, smiling lightly. Though they appear a bit flustered over their outfit, which is a purple longsleeve dress with a pink cape, striped cyan leggings, and dark purple boots.

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Author Notes

13th Feb 2022, 6:39 PM (Drake) i spent an entire afternoon on this i overestimated my ability to draw SIX PEOPLE

o...outfit swap of the red-green-blue trio and the delphi band... enjoy...!!