Wandersong'd - drop-dead gorgeous

20th Feb 2022, 10:22 PM

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drop-dead gorgeous

Image description A sketch comic in monotone colors.

Character desc 1: Viola drawn in green colors, a short, skinny woman wearing a black sleeveless dress, with short, shaven hair and pointy elf ears.

Character desc 2: Audrey drawn in red colors, a tall, stocky woman with hair in the style of a bowlcut with shaven sides, and thick eyebrows, wearing a scarf, a longsleeve top with a strap across her torso, gloves, pants, and boots.

Comic description:

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear, hon,” Viola says, gripping Audrey’s shoulders as she glares sternly through her. “If you harm a SINGLE hair on sweet Ash’s head, you will LITERALLY be drop-dead gorgeous and the last thing you’ll see before you die is going to be my beautiful face.”

Audrey stares in shock as the miffed violinist walks away, hmphing. A faint blush appears on her cheeks. It then spreads as she smirks, thinking, “That’s definitely how I wanna die!!!!!”

wandersong, audrey redheart, viola, comic

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Author Notes

20th Feb 2022, 10:22 PM (Serrano) hero with zero sense of self preservation meets pretty violinist

oh also drake made ourselves a side blog on tumblr juuuuuuust for wandersong fanarts if you wanted to see our art there too

...and i wrote a fanfic about she/her kiwi and they/them miriam, enjoy?