Wandersong'd - not made for free cuddling

22nd Feb 2022, 9:30 PM

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not made for free cuddling
not made for free cuddling

Image description Two images, one of a sketch with monotone colors, the other a sketch comic with the same colors.

Character descriptions:

Dragonfruit (also known as Ragamuffin “Rag” and Good Audrey), a woman in blue colors with hair in the style of a bowlcut with shaven sides and thick eyebrows. She is wearing a necklace, capelet, longsleeve top, a belt, pants, and socks.

Razzberry (also known as “Raz” and Evil Miriam), a long-nosed woman in green colors wearing a witchy hat, a spooky dress with tattered longsleeves, a cape, earrings, and leggings.

First image of a sketch: Raz on the left cuddling Rag on the right, who is lying on top of her as Raz snores contentedly with her arms around her.

Second image of a sketch comic: Raz wakes up, and upon seeing Rag on top of her, grumbles, “Hey get off me loser, I am not made for free cuddling.”

Rag returns a snarky reply, raising an eyebrow. “Uhmm, I distinctly remember picking this spot to nap in first, sooo I think you wanted some cuddles.”

“Aggravating.” Raz mutters as she shoves Rag away, who just laughs in return.

wandersong, wanderfell, miriam, audrey redheart, fanart, fancomic

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Author Notes

22nd Feb 2022, 9:30 PM (serrano) raz and rag cuddle times bc i think they’re cute (and sapphic)

dialogue by @artseniccatnip