Wandersong'd - manny and ash friendship time

24th Feb 2022, 6:31 AM

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manny and ash friendship time
manny and ash friendship time

Image description Two sketch pages.

First sketch page is of Manny and Ash in four sketches, two per character, of different outfits.

Manny is a short, stocky man who wears sunglasses, sports a mustache, and wears black, fingerless gloves. The first sketch has him wearing the usual bard outfit, with a robin hood hat with a large, elaborate fluffy feather stuck into it, a capelet, a longsleeve top, a belt, a pair of pants, and boots.

The second has him wearing a capelet with a hoodie, and a wide-brimmed hat with the same elaborate feather stuck into it - everything else is the same from the previous description.

Ash is a tall person with lopsided pink hair of medium length. In the first sketch of them, they are wearing a witch hat, a scarf draped over their shoulders, a longsleeve top, a belt, striped leggings, and boots with heels

The second has them wearing a smaller, shorter witch hat, the same scarf, a black vest, a longsleeve top, a belt, a pair of poofy pants, and round shoes. Additionally, they are holding a broom in their left hand, using their other hand to cast wind magic.

(There are also various written notes scattered around everywhere on what should be and shouldn’t be added to their designs.)

Second sketch page is of various doodles of Manny and Ash interacting.

From top-left to bottom-right:

A couple doodles of Manny in the usual bard outfit, standing around and singing. One bigger doodle of him walking around as he grins.

One short comic of Manny shouting, “Save the world with me!”.

Ash, in their second witch outfit, looks grumpy, asking “…mom why do I have to team up”

Mom: “I like this one’s enthusiasm!” as Ash complains “MOOOOOOOM”

A different comic of a distressed Ash next to Manny, shrieking, “We look too different!! I’m gonna stand out just being next to you, tiny bard!”

Manny looks up at his tall witch friend, then says, “I can talk to people!”

Their expression changes to a more neutral, relaxed one. “Oh. Well, it’s your job now? …thanks.”

A sketch of Ash flying their broom, with Manny happily sitting behind them on the broomstick.

A skit comic of Ash looking terrified, yelling “OH GOD EYA A MONSTER” as they charge up a magical wind spell. But they’re interrupted by Manny, who says “Wait, don’t blow it away! Let me sing to it!”


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Author Notes

24th Feb 2022, 6:31 AM (serrano) developed a little more to that delphiswap au drake was talking about earlier! now with improved manny and ash character designs PLUS FRIENDSHIP TIMES

i think ash would have fear/anxiety problems, as opposed to miriam’s anger/fight response. in this au they might approach every Scary and Threatening Thing with the mindset of either “yeet it away by wind magic” or “i must run away from this”

so basically a polite, soft-spoken witch with debilitating social anxiety :)

friendly reminder drake made a wandersong tumblr blog that mirrors this one!
24th Feb 2022, 6:36 AM (serrano) ...wait they did NOT post that here due to them not really liking their own unfinished sketches. all right. okay. here's the images in this post. i will copy/paste the basic premise here.

AU idea: the delphi band and the rgb trio swap roles in the story!

the delphi band

manny is the bard, and now lives in langtree

ash is the witch (and their mom is alive)

viola is the hero

the rgb trio

kiwi is the recruiter, and now lives in delphi

miriam is the accordian player with a dead grandma saphy (…sorry)

audrey is the violin player but replace her violin with a guitar